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Post by Scripted Valin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:04 pm

'Why? Why Would They Do This! It's So Dark Here And They Knew I Would Fall For This Stupid Prank! They Knew I'd Trust Anything THAT Guy Said!' She Stumbled Through The Darkness, Jumping At Every Little Sound The Forest Made. It Was Barely Midnight! How Was She Supposed To Find Her Way Back! 'Those Stupid Jerks!' There Was A Sound Behind Her, She Spun Around Clumsily "Hello?...." She Squinted In The Dark To Try To Make Out Anything Around Her. She Stopped Breathing For A Minute After A Voice Replied

"Are You Lost?" The Voice Was So Gentle And Kind, She Didn't Think Twice Before Sighing In Relief And Stumbling Towards It.
"Can You Help Me Please? My Friends Left Me Here And I Can't See" 'But You Can?' She Thought Noticing That He Didn't Have A Flashlight.

"They Don't Sound Like Good Friends" The Voice Mused Out Loud "Perhaps I Will Be Your New Friend"

She Hesitated "What? What Are You Talking About?" She Squinted To See Him

"I'm Saying That I'll Be Your New Friend....But At A Cost. Oh How Lucky You Are!" The Voice Became Distorted And Full Of Amusement

"W-what? Cost? Dude What Are You Talking About!?" She Backed Up In Rising Fear.

"Do You Accept?" He Sounded Closer

"No! I Just Want To Get Out Of Here!" She Ran From Him, Tears Streaming From Her Eyes 'Those Idiots! Their Stupid Prank Made This Happen!' She Admitted She Was Terrified Of The Dark, Even More So Being Left Alone.

"You Will Need Me, And When You Do You'll Regret Never Accepting." The Voice Faded In Her Ears As She Ran....
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