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Post by Scripted Valin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:05 pm

The Patter Of Bare Feet Over Cement, It's Rhythm Quick And Short. Running. The Sound Of Multiple Canines Following At A Sprint. 3 Dogs. Each Snarling And Howling While On The Trail Of Their Prey. Amidst The Total Darkness, The Shriek Was Clear In The Gloom. The Prey Had Been Found. The Dogs' Excitement Grew As The Prey Screeched. Their Calls Grew Louder And Their Growls Piercing. The Sound Of Heavy Footsteps Gave Away The Exhaustion The Prey Would Succumb To In Time. But The Dogs Still Chased. Afterall, This Was Their Treat. One Dog Howled Lowly And The Prey Shrieked Louder Than Before. They Had Brought It Down. Now For Their Reward. The Shrieks Turned Into Whimpers And Soon All Was Quiet. Only The Sounds Of The Dogs Enjoying Their Treat Echoed In The Darkness.
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