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Indifference Empty Indifference

Post by Scripted Valin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:00 pm

The Best Word To Describe How I Feel Most Of The Time.
To Me Emotions Are Just Those Expressions And Words I Use So People Will Think That When They Saw My Unseeing Eyes It Just Their Imagination.
Of Course.
People Are Simply My Test Subjects.
I'll Poke And Toy With Them When I'm Bored Whilst Studying Their Reactions.
'A Waste Of Time It Is.'
My Way Of Thinking Is Somewhat Twisted, But If It Makes Anything Better, Some People I Genuinely Care For.
The Rare Few I Do Care For Constantly See My Confusion With Emotions.
It Seems As If My Life Is Writing Reactions In A Notebook And Then Losing Interest.
Strangely Enough I Find Mimicing Emotions I've Observed Most Enjoyable.
I Believe It's Called Sociopath?
A Person That Can Perfectly Copy Emotions And Expressions.
Playing Pretend.
I Sometimes Wish I Wasn't Like This.
There's Not Even A Reason For It.
Just Years And Years Of Indifference And Heartbreak.
I Wonder When It Was Snapped.

`Truly Sorry
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