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Post by Scripted Valin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:07 pm

I Miss Them.

I Miss Being Able To Go On A Site And Know Exactly What The Hell Is Going On.

I Miss The Sorta-Uncomplicated Stuff.

I Miss The Good Ol' Days Like And , Sure, I Had To Delete The Topics Everyday And We Practically Have No Memories Whatsoever On There Because Of That.

But It Was Awesome.

I Miss The Good Ol' Days...Now, Not Even The Person I Made For Is Around.

I'm Sad Because Of That. I Guess It May Be Time To Grow Up But RPing Was The Only Thing I Had. I Never Talk To People Really, Keep To Myself But Rping Was Like An Escape From All That.

And I Loved It.

But Then I Moved.

And It All Went To Crap.

I Know I'll Never Get My Old Dream Of Having The Same Thing We All Had On The Four Moons.

But I Still Find Myself Waking Up Every Morning With A Topic In My Head For It.

Maybe I Should Have Never Told Jillian To Make A Wolf Pack Instead Of A Warrior Cat Clan. But Then I Never Would Have Met Anyone I've Come To Know As Friends. Who Knows.
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